[ GSM] dates to the 1980s, when analog cellular systems in Nordic countries experienced rapid growth that resulted in the development of a new digital cellular standard. After five years of effort, 13 network operators and administrators signed a charter for the standardization of GSM. At that time, GSM was referred to by its French name, Group Special Mobile, but it is now known on a worldwide basis as Global System for Mobile Communications.

The European version of GSM operates in the [ 900MHz band], which was avilable in countries that are members of the European commission. Unfortunately, the 900MHz band in the United States was not available, so the [ 1900MHz band] is used by GSM personal communications system in the United States.

GSM represents a TDMA version of [ PCS]. As a digital technology, voice is first compressed using a hybrid coder at approximately 13kps before the data is modulated. With this digital technolgy, you can connect a data source directly to a GSM cell phone without the use of a modem. However, the highest data rate that you can expect to obtain will be approximately 14.4kbps.

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